2022 Redcliff Scholarship Recipients

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The Redcliff Scholarship Committee for Advanced Education, is pleased to announce that Eagle Butte High School graduates Eden McCarthy, Erica McCuaig, Breanne Neufeld and Amber Schneider are the recipients of the 2022 Redcliff Scholarship Awards. All four students will be attending post-secondary in the fall, with plans to pursue careers in education, nursing, science and history. Each student will receive one of four 2022 Redcliff Scholarships for $5,000 towards tuition costs for post-secondary studies.  

Eden McCarthy (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in nursing
“I will be attending Medicine Hat College in the fall with plans to pursue a career in nursing. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to become a nurse. My goal is to become a travel nurse and then work in Calgary at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a paediatric nurse."
Erica McCuaig (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in education
“I will be attending Medicine Hat College in the fall in the education program. My goal is to be an elementary teacher for grades 3 to 6, which will give me the opportunity to inspire and mentor youth in our community."
Breanne Neufeld (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in education and biology
“I will be attending Medicine Hat College for two years then transfer to the University of Lethbridge for three years to earn a combined degree in education and biological sciences. I want to become a high school biology teacher, so I can pursue my passion for sharing knowledge and science."
Amber Schneider (EBHS), plans to attend Medicine Hat College to pursue a career as an archivist
“I will be attending Medicine Hat College with a plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. My goal is to become an archivist, believing that the history of places and events are important to how our society can connect to community.”

“This year’s scholarship recipients were chosen from a group of extremely talented and hard-working individuals,” says scholarship administrator Pat Cocks. “The Redcliff Scholarship Committee is extremely pleased to be able to support these four exceptional students, who showed determination and strength through what was another unconventional school year. The Committee would like to wish them all the best in whatever their futures hold.”

The Redcliff Scholarships were established in 2002 and have been awarded to 47 Redcliff students.  The awards are possible thanks to two endowed scholarship funds, that were established and are sustained by ongoing contributions of Redcliff organizations, and present and past Redcliff citizens.  A third, Frank King Tribute Scholarship Fund, was announced in the spring of 2018 in memory of the late Frank King, while a fourth was added in November of 2020 to honour the legacy of former Redcliff resident David Jon Thomson.

If you require further information, please contact Fund Administrator Pat Cocks at the number listed below.

Pat Cocks
Redcliff Scholarship Fund Administrator



The Redcliff Scholarship for Advanced Education “Original Fund” was launched at the Reunion of the 1944 Grade One Class held in September 2002. The aim was to create an endowed scholarship fund. Ongoing public contributions credited to this fund have been contributed by, or in tribute to, past and present citizens of Redcliff and by Redcliff organizations.

“The Four Friends Fund” was established in the memory of the value of the lifelong Redcliff friendships of Jack Fairhurst, Ron Hodges, John Hudak and Gerald Berkhold.  This second scholarship is administered parallel to the initial scholarship.  It enabled two separate but equal scholarships to be awarded commencing in 2006.

“Frank King Tribute” scholarship was made available through the generosity of the family and friends of Mr. King, a former resident of Redcliff and the Chair of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games.

“David Jon Thomson Scholarship” was established in 2020 in memory of David Jon Thomson. Mr. Thomson grew up in Redcliff and was a well-known businessman and a lifelong supporter of higher education.

The scholarships are to support the brightest and most able Redcliff high school graduates to explore fully their potential. The scholarships have as priorities the student’s financial need and overall abilities.  The award criteria include financial need, leadership and citizenship and academic merit, with preference to first year students. Applicants must have been residents of Redcliff for at least their full year of Grade 12.

Payment of the scholarships are governed as follows:

  • There are four separate annual scholarships for tuition at an institution of advanced education to a maximum of $5,000 each.
  • The $5,000 scholarship will be applied to the student’s tuition with two equal payments of $2,500 being sent directly to the post-secondary institution in mid-August and mid-December by Prairie Rose Public Schools.

Comments or inquiries regarding the Scholarship Fund and contributions to the fund can be directed to Ryan Boser, Chief Financial Officer, Prairie Rose Public Schools (403) 527-5516.

The PDF version of the announcement can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-eEPNiqf9pM2txlfVAb-cWTPdPezXXN/view?usp=sharing