PRPS Kiwanis Science Fair Winners

event Published 2022-04-27T20:22:02.606Z

Congratulations to the following Prairie Rose Public Schools students who came out on top at the annual Kiwanis Southeast Alberta Regional Science Fair held earlier this month. The event is an opportunity for students in grades 4-12 to showcase their scientific investigative skills and present the findings in front of peers and a panel of judges. 

A special shout out to Victoria Rooks (Senator Gershaw School) and Britten Kurtzweg (Foremost School) who have been chosen to compete at the 2022 Canada Wide Science Fair. Good luck and we are excited to have you represent Prairie Rose Public Schools.

Elementary School Winners


  1. Elise Poku, Ralston School (Grade 6) – Will bacteria increase or decrease depending on temperature?
  2. Isaac Holmes and Elias Pemberton, Ralston School (Grade 6) – Mini Drill

Honourable Mentions

  1. Yasmine Kamara and Joyous Raskoti, Ralston School (Grade 6) – EV3 Mindstorms Space Challenge
  2. Lucy Cowley and Hollie Hemingway, Ralston School (Grade 6) – How to extract iron from corn flakes
  3. Kyla Green and Jamie-leigh Beatty, Ralston School (Grade 6) – Growing Bacteria

Junior Winners


  1. Froese, Parker & Froese, Taten – Ralston School (Grade 7): “What Humidity Ivy (My Snake) Best Sheds At”
  2. Spaan , Ava – Ralston School (Grade 8): “Lava Lamps – “How Can I Make a Homemade One?”
  3. Sumner, Poppy – Ralston School (Grade 8): “What Are We Wasting?”


  1. Rodrigue, Patrick – Ralston School (Grade 7): “How Do Different Drinks Affect Your Teeth”
  2. Owusu-Ansah, Kofi & Reilly, Kayden – Ralston School (Grade 8): “How It Works”


  1. Pemberton, Marlie & Sherpa, Rinzen – Ralston School (Grade 7) – “Marlie and Rinzen Colour Change Flower”
  2. Pflughaupt , Aden – Ralston School (Grade 8) – “Does the Colour of Food Affect Its Taste?”

Intermediate Winners


  1. Wall, Joseph – Ralston School (Grade 9) – “Chemical change”
  2. Davies, Riley & Green, Kian – Ralston School (Grade 9) – “Are Sports Drinks Actually Better Than Water?”


  1. Kurtzweg, Britten – Foremost School (Grade 9) – “Pondering Pendulums”
  2. Rooks, Victoria – Senator Gershaw School (Grade 9) – “Killing It!”

Senior Winners


  1. Rooks, Ayden – Senator Gershaw School (Grade 11) – “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons”